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Forschungs- und Beratungsstelle für betriebliche Arbeitnehmerfragen

Start-up retreat / strategy retreat for works council committees - What to do?

The tasks and the associated demands on the newly elected works council members are large and complex. How should the cooperation between the new and the "old" works council members look like? What do we want to do as a works council? Where do we currently and strategically need to act? How can we achieve realistic goals and good results for us and our employees?  What tasks lie ahead of us and how can we approach and master them in a structured way for our term of office?

A joint "strategy retreat" of the newly elected body offers the opportunity to answer many of these questions. A strategy retreat serves to get to know each other, to clarify positions and tactical questions, and to develop a common strategy and distribution of tasks.  Such a strategy seminar is offered by forba in German as well as in English.


Topics and contents:

- Teambuilding and joint development of expectations

- Identification of topics and setting of priorities for the content-related work

- Strategic goal setting, focus setting and transfer into measures and concrete work organization

- Defining collaborative work practices in the board and achieving goals together

The same applies to our seminars on business fundamentals and business committees [LINK]

Forba is supporting works and staff councils since 1984 with consulting and seminars. We impart knowledge from and for operational practice. All consultants have many years of in-depth knowledge and experience in advising and training works councils.

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We will be pleased to provide you with offers tailored to your individual operational situation.

Our services are usually based on § 80 para. 3 BetrVG. The costs are to be borne by the employer according to § 40 Abs. 1 BetrVG.

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